pūrlisse BB cream review

Hi Everyone!
I hope this post finds each & every single one of you well. I’m reviewing a BB cream I have been testing for quite some time now. I went to Nigel & needed something light for everyday use & this is what they recommended. I wanted to test it for a while before recommending it to you guys. I ended up loving this BB cream for everyday wear. I used to apply it with a sponge. Then, I tried it with a brush & I ended up loving it more. I tested it with a dry sponge, a wet sponge, & a brush because I wanted to know which one applies best. Personally, I loved applying it with a brush the most because I love the airbrushed look. If you like & use a natural looking foundation for everyday, you should definitely try this BB cream. A BB cream is better for your skin for everyday wear. It’s also very long lasting for a BB cream & it has SPF which is always great.
To be quite honest, I used to wear my Too-Faced Born This Way Foundation everyday. Now that I discovered this, it’s definitely my go to. If I had to choose between the two, I’m pretty sure I’d choose the BB cream over the foundation. I have a link below for you guys if you wanna read more about it or purchase it to try for yourself.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day! I’ve been doing homework since I got home from work & finally took a break to write this post for you guys. I have been meaning to share this with you for a while now & I finally made the time to do so. I hope you enjoyed reading!
With love,
Araksi Angelica.


One thought on “pūrlisse BB cream review

  1. Fact: I can’t use BB or CC creams, I’m allergic to an ingredient I don’t know what it is! It drives me crazy everytime I try a new one the same thing happens – my eyes get red and swollen, my face feels like it’s burning, and I get teary, enough to look like I’m crying. It’s crazy.


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