Benefit Cosmetics Product Review

Hi Everyone:

I decided to dedicate a post to Benefit Cosmetics because I love Benefit products. They have the cutest packaging & great quality. Since the fall semester is around the corner, I started thinking about the makeup I need to apply for class everyday. I do not have too much time to apply makeup, but I still want that covered & there but not there makeup look. I use the Big Easy BB Cream for an everyday look. I love this product because it turns from a liquid to a powdery finish without making your skin look dry. Then, I use the Hoola by Benefit Bronzer both as a light contour & as a bronzer. The Hoola Lite is also a beautiful tone & color, but it is a bit lighter than the original Hoola, which is perfect for lighter skin tones. I love both the original Hoola & the Lite Hoola; they are both beautiful & make your skin look fresh & contoured without your makeup being too heavy. I included a banner of Benefit Cosmetics below so it’s easy for you guys to buy & check out their website. If you haven’t already, you should totally give these products a try while there is a huge sale going on.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC

Thanks for reading,

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