Must-Have {Face} Makeup Brushes

Hi guys:

Here’s a list of the brushes I consider to be must-haves:

1. Morphe E8

This brush is great for blending out the harsh lines of the nose contour. There are a variety of uses for this brush, but I like to use it to blend out the contour on my nose.

2. Morphe M436

I use this brush to highlight. It takes in a lot of product & it makes your glow look super vibrant.

3. Tarte Pressed Powder Brush

This brush is very soft & the bristles do not fall out. It’s perfect for applying pressed powder because its not too dense & not too sparse.

4. Morphe M404

I love this brush because it makes contouring so easy & it makes it look so natural & effortless. The product application is beautiful & seamless. It’s also very easy to control which allows for an effortless blend.

5. No Name Brush from Walmart Set

I bought this set mainly for this brush because it makes applying bronzer super easy. I love this brush because I can do so much with it. When I’m in a hurry, I use it for contouring, bronzing, & blending the whole face out.

6. Morphe G5

I use this brush to define my powder contour & sometimes to blend out my cream contour. It makes it super easy to do.

7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Large Powder Brush

This is the only brush I use for blush. It makes your blush look so natural & effortless & flawless. It’s one of the brushes that you can do so much with. You can even use it to bronze your face. It is one of my favorite brushes by far.

8. Morphe M439

This brush is the one I use to apply my foundation or to stipple in loose powder. It makes your skin look absolutely beautiful.

9. Mac 187 Brush

I use this brush to bronze my face & blend everything together. It makes your makeup look super blended.

10. Japonesque 333

After baking, I use this brush to dust off all of the excess powder & to blend everything together.


In my opinion, these brushes are must-haves because they are useful for many different things & their quality is outstanding.

Thanks for reading,


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